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Northwest Electric Boat Rentals - The Crew

Captain Arch
Northwest Electric Boat Rentals is owned by a long time Bainbridge Island raised Sea Captain. He protects our shorelines from oil spills from Seattle to Canada. Electric boats are his hobby and passion this enables Captain Arch to be closer to his two loves: His family and the sea.

For over a century Captain Arch's family has earned a living on the coastal waters. Capt Arch is often seen in the papers rescuing ships off the coast on the State funded rescue tug. While there might be some Scandinavian relations in the family by now, seasoned Poulsbo locals suspect this tall, dark and handsome is a Norwegian poser. (Capt Arch never told us he was Norwegian, but he lives in Poulsbo so by default we wonder,) what tips us off is that Captain Arch has strict rules about no fishing or lutefisk allowed on his classic boats.

Okay, he’s flexible about lutefisk. As such, local residents and business now support Northwest Boat Rentals wholeheartedly.

Generations of fishing and boating experience runs through his veins. That earns him the right to be a bit proud perhaps, as evident by the names of the two new vessels.

Paradise in Poulsbo:


Captain Arch identifies with both. As great Sea Stories go, One stormy windy night there I was, with the wind in my face... Captain Arch is full of them. We rely upon our master storyteller to keep everyone in the know. Not only does he know the scuttlebutt around town, a good deal of what he relays to us is about (who would guess) Captain Arch himself.

First Mate:


With the persistence of love and joy the presence of Northwest Boat Rentals brings a smile to her face. Since 2006, when we opened, she’s worked harder then any employee we’ve ever had. She can navigate and dock the Duffy’s like a seasoned pro; after all she has been driving them since she was only 8 years old!

You should see her on the dock with a brush cleaning the boats. Yet she dreams of one day running Northwest Electric Boat Rentals herself. She knows all the rules - just ask her! Some people say she works harder then Capt. Archer but we'll let you deside that for yourself. 

Captain Arch’s only child.

Please ask to sign the guest Book in the office, write a tasteful entry and speak highly of us, Let us know if we may use it as a testimonial.

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Please call us at (360) 265-8300 with questions and/or for help with special needs or accommodations.

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