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20 Mar 20
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In the ocean it is a whole other world from ours. Bright colors and diverse corals can bring divers from all around the world. You should always remember your gauges and regulators when diving down. When you are diving it is very simple to forget about the time. This can be of trouble to some as they forget and air supply is only an hour to 2 at most.

If you really love boating and water sports, then you may be lucky enough to own your own boat. Taking good care of that boat is very important.

31 Mar 20

If you intend to move your boat around with you then you should make sure that you have the right boat trailer, one that suits both your needs and your boat - not all boat trailers are the same.

01 May 20

Business owners know the value of customization. After all, every business has unique needs and strengths.

19 May 20

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23 May 20
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Building Radio Controlled Boats - A Rewarding Challenge
For some reason, being able to control a miniature boat as it skims over the water of a local lake is something that many people find very appealing. It doesn't matter whether you are a kid or an adult; remote controlled boats are universally fun.
13 Jun 20
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Buying Battery Chargers Online: Frequently Asked Questions
Regardless of whether you need battery chargers for your boat, RV, or motorcycle, there are chargers available that will help you keep your battery charged. Using the right charger is absolutely crucial as is using the right battery.
29 Jun 20
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Amazing Metal Carports
Metal carports are great for storing vehicles under, but they are also fun to stand under when it is raining. I have a lot of early memories of doing that during the big thunderstorms that would roll through the Arizona desert.
11 Jul 20
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Custom Boat Graphics
When you buy a boat you as a customer are spending a lot of money on that one piece of equipment. Then you have to figure everything else that goes with buying a boat such as a truck to haul it with and a trailer to haul it on.
13 Aug 20
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Examining Inflatable Life Jackets
Is there much value in inflatable life jackets? This may seem like an odd question to ask. After all, life jackets serve a very valuable purpose. They can help save your life in a terrible situation on the water.
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18 Jul 20
Most of us associate water skiing with summertime fun - warm sunshine, beaches and picnics - so it may come as a surprise that water skiing was born in Minnesota in 1922 when Ralph Samuelson used two boards and a clothesline to ski across Lake Pepin.
17 Sep 20
If you are actually trying to catch a shark then you should do so with forethought and preparation. The best time to catch a shark is really all year round, people will always say oh man the best time to catch a shark is in June but I think that is dead wrong. You can catch the biggest shark you have ever seen in the middle of winter.
07 Oct 20
What is fast, affordable, able to tackle nearly anything you throw at it, and tons of fun? That would be an inflatable boat. Inflatable boats come in several different categories and many different uses, all at a price that a recreational boater can afford.
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03 Aug 20
Since 1998, the largest increases in sports participation and viewing have come from the realm of what are dubbed extreme sports. The changes come as generation Y, also known as "echo boomers," are beginning to take center stage in our culture. Generation Y, an impressive group of over 70 million, is perhaps most well known for its contempt for authority and willingness to take risks.
05 Oct 20
Each year, around this time, thousands of people start flocking to the waterways to enjoy a day of boating. While many are experienced boaters, there are plenty of first time boaters hitting the water... and the docks.Docking techniques are always going to be dependent upon the weather and wind conditions, but there are a few simple things you can keep in mind.
05 Nov 20
Kayaking is not always about getting absolutely soaked steaming down a class IV river or bouncing around in the surf. There is a much gentler side.For me working in an office all day when the sun is shinning outside can be purgatory. It becomes a question of clock watching until 5.
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