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October 7, 2020
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Inflatable Boat Solutions

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What is fast, affordable, able to tackle nearly anything you throw at it, and tons of fun? That would be an inflatable boat. Inflatable boats come in several different categories and many different uses, all at a price that a recreational boater can afford.

When looking for an inflatable boat, there are different types that all fall under the boat category, inflatable kayaks, inflatable catamarans, inflatable pontoons, and even some luxury inflatable yachts. These are then used for several different uses such as dive boats, life rafts military use, rescue craft, and recreational use. Inflatable boats have, in fact, become quite popular as of late for whitewater rafting. This is because of their lightweight yet durable design that helps in maneuverability and bouncing around objects instead of slamming into them.

These boats, especially the inflatable rafts and inflatable kayaks, are designed to tough the rapids of the worlds rivers. There are several perks to inflatable boats, such as their affordability and construction. They rarely tip because they are light enough to go over a wave instead of resisting it, hence resulting in a tip, but when they do, they can be easily gotten back up since they are so light. Their light weight also makes them easy to direct and maneuver, essential when battling against the currents. However, if you want to take a break from the excitement of the rapids and just relax, you can usually mount a motor on some of the inflatable boats.

This makes them great for open ocean excursions and for fishing trips. This is due to their semi solid bottom. I say semi solid because the floors are usually made of strips of aluminum or plywood that are joined loosely in strips. You can certainly stand on them, which makes them good for fishing or when hosting a group of people. This is normally because those flooring types are found on lager boats longer than 10 feet. This is why the larger boats are better for easy recreation while the smaller boats can handle whitewater rafting due to their flexibility.

But what if you want to get started with boating, but are not sure about it all and do not want to make a huge investment? That is another bonus to inflatable boats comes in. Depending upon what you aspire to do with it, be it casual fishing, skirting the shoreline in a motorized boat, or braving the vicious rapids of the whitewater, you can save money by buying an inflatable boat instead of a rigid hull boat. You save in several ways, one being general price.

Inflatables are cheaper in general than hard hulled boats. They can also be transporter easier and more cheaply because you do not have a decrease in fuel efficiency from having to haul a large boat, for inflatables can be deflated and packed up into a carrying bag or the like. There are also no real storage fees to pay for an inflatable boat. Unlike solid boats that require special care and must be either left in a marina amidst the elements, or in a storage unit with special provisions taken to ensure that nothing deteriorates on it, an inflatable boat can be safely stored in an area of the house such as a basement or garage.

The benefits of inflatable boats are numerous, and the fun to be had by them is thrilling.


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