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November 5, 2020
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Kayak Karma - The Gentler Side Of Kayaking

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Kayaking is not always about getting absolutely soaked steaming down a class IV river or bouncing around in the surf. There is a much gentler side.

For me working in an office all day when the sun is shinning outside can be purgatory. It becomes a question of clock watching until 5.30pm finally frees me from my stuffy surroundings when I can yank my tie off and grab my paddles for an evening paddle in my inflatable kayak.

The good thing about using an inflatable kayak on an evening trip is that I do not have to worry about loading it onto and strapping it down to a roof rack or at the other end strapping it to a kayak trolley to get to the waters edge.

Because my inflatable kayak can be rolled up into a bag I can leave it on the main boat at the marina so all I need to do is to pump it up for five minutes when I get to the marina. This cuts down my 'scramble time' considerably and gives me more time paddling in the water before it gets dark.

During the summer months and with the sun setting around 9:30pm I can grab a good two hours or more paddle time and get to witness some amazing sunsets.

The backwaters at Walton-on-the-Naze offer some of the most amazing scenery and whilst it may not be brimming with paradise like sandy beaches it does provide a truly stunning and remote taste of English countryside at its best. Most evenings when there is a glorious sun setting we paddle westward along the Twizzle which runs along the south side of Horsey Island.

The channel dries out at low tide so once we paddle clear of the marina and past a few straggling swing moorings we have the area to ourselves with the only sign of any other human existence being the odd farmhouse in the distance.

The benefit of being in my inflatable kayak is there is no cockpit so once wedged up against an oyster bed I can loosen the kayak seat, stretch out and soak up the evening sun. Spending two or three hours lying under the late sun in kayak is a truly cleansing experience that I would recommend to anyone.

All you need is a flask of tea and something to eat a camera to take some snaps and your usual safety accessories and you are set for an evening of beautiful HD panoramic vistas all to yourself.

Trust me there is nothing else quite like it. Whatever you do for a living you are probably stressed with some aspect of life and going for a relaxing paddle and watching the wildlife and sunset is a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and the ultimate way to relax.


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