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November 23, 2020
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Museums, Snorkeling, And Key West Tours

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There is more to this island than amusement parks and sandy beaches. It is an island full of natural wonder, fine dining, indoor and outdoor activities, and fishing opportunities galore for any vacation. The island is also home to some of the country's best scuba diving and snorkeling spots, including the largest living reef in the country.

Because of the recession, vacation packages are more affordable than they have been in years. Discounts are available on flights, cruise packages, dolphin encounters, glass-bottom boat rides, and a wide variety of accommodations. The close proximity to peninsula's southern tip also makes it an easy flight or short boat ride away from the continent.

Exploring The Ocean While Snorkeling

For those with a love and reverence for nature, snorkeling on the island is something that is sure to not only teach, but also entertain. Family outings, sunset cruises, and dolphin and shipwreck tours all offer unique experiences for snorkelers visiting the island. These activities can accommodate every budget and schedule. The waters surrounding the island and city are teeming with fish and tropical marine life. Over 400 species of tropical fish call the massive living reef surrounding the island home. The reef is the largest in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

In addition to tropical fish, snorkeling can also get you right up close dolphins, sharks, and a wide variety of sport fish. Snorkeling Key West tours come with all of the necessities included in the price: snorkeling equipment, convenient storage, bathrooms, food, drinks, and more. A swimsuit and a towel are all you need to get started. However, visitors are invited to bring an underwater camera.

Most return trips include complimentary beer, wine, and soda. Some ships also come with fresh water showers and lounges. There are also snorkeling trips to see dolphins, shipwrecks, and other marine curiosities.

An Upper Deck View Of Dolphins

If your idea of Key West tours includes wild dolphins, a glass-bottomed dolphin cruise or trip to a dolphin sanctuary should be high on your list of things to do. On a dolphin watch, groups of six people can watch wild dolphins feed, play, and leap. After getting a bird's eye view of the reef and the activity beneath the surface participants are given the option to snorkel around the reef.

Museums, Key West Tours, And Pirates.

There are many tours for people of all ages. There are bicycle tours of Old Town, tours of the island by airplane, and a host of museums. The Pirate Soul Museum and the Mel Fisher Museum will provide a huge amount of information and entertaining facts about pirates. The Shipwreck Historium Museum takes you back in time to the island's glory days as a shipping center.


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