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23 May 20
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Building Radio Controlled Boats - A Rewarding Challenge
For some reason, being able to control a miniature boat as it skims over the water of a local lake is something that many people find very appealing. It doesn't matter whether you are a kid or an adult; remote controlled boats are universally fun. On top of that, nothing is more fun than undergoing a huge and daunting project, and eventually seeing the results come through.
13 Jun 20
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Buying Battery Chargers Online: Frequently Asked Questions
Regardless of whether you need battery chargers for your boat, RV, or motorcycle, there are chargers available that will help you keep your battery charged. Using the right charger is absolutely crucial as is using the right battery.If you don't then you could end up with a damaged battery, or worse, you could cause an accident by blowing up your battery.
29 Jun 20
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Amazing Metal Carports
Metal carports are great for storing vehicles under, but they are also fun to stand under when it is raining. I have a lot of early memories of doing that during the big thunderstorms that would roll through the Arizona desert. I can almost smell the rain and dust, and hear the rhythmic tapping on the metal roof above. Sort of scary, but fun at the same time.
11 Jul 20
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Custom Boat Graphics
When you buy a boat you as a customer are spending a lot of money on that one piece of equipment. Then you have to figure everything else that goes with buying a boat such as a truck to haul it with and a trailer to haul it on. Even if you plan on keeping your brand new boat at the marina, it still isn't cheap.
13 Aug 20
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Examining Inflatable Life Jackets
Is there much value in inflatable life jackets? This may seem like an odd question to ask. After all, life jackets serve a very valuable purpose. They can help save your life in a terrible situation on the water. As much as we assume that such a scenario will be rare, it is possible that an accident can occur.
24 Aug 20
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Fun Ideas For Family Camping Activities This Summer
When going on a camping trip with the family, it's really important to prepare for it. This will ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone. Planning should include picking the right site, things to bring and what to do there. Read on to learn some family camping activities that will surely provide some lasting memories.
08 Sep 20
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Garmin Maps -- Keeping You on Track!
If you happen to be suffering from this medical disorder called mazeophobia -- that constantly gnawing fear of being lost -- then the GPS receiver with Garmin maps should provide you with some great psychological boost.
20 Oct 20
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How Do Towable Water Toys Work
Have you ever watched one glide across the water and wondered, how do towable water toys work? When the boat first takes off the inflatable tube moves slower across the water, sinking into the waves a few inches. Just like when you pull a paddle across the water, the inflatable is pushing against all that water in front of it and dragging a bit because of all that force.
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